Secrets of Starshine Cove by Debbie Johnson


Thanks to Netgalley and Storm Publishing for sharing with me an advance reader copy in return for an honest review.

Debbie Johnson is an author that I have returned to for a guaranteed feelgood read. In her Comfort Food Café series, as you could imagine from the titles, each book treated you a warm hug in book form, and this series Starshine Cove, is heading in the same direction. This is the second book in the series.

Cally’s world has been upended just before Christmas. Her reclusive mum has got herself a life and moved from around the corner in Liverpool all the way up to Scotland with her new beau Kenneth. Disaster strikes at the hairdressers where Cally works when the ceiling caves in.  And her 18-year-old son Sam is going through his own troubles after being dumped. With nowhere better to be for Christmas, Cally impulsively drives south, to the little bay where she remembers having her last happy childhood holiday before her dad died, Starshine Cove.  

Stumbling into the local pub in the middle of a fairy and pirate party, Cally and Sam are welcomed inside and dragged into the festivities, and their holiday in Starshine Cove begins. We meet the cast of characters in the pub. There’s Jake the pub landlord, and Connie the owner of the café, and two adorable little girls and their dad, Archie, a rugged giant.

I give this book 3 stars.  All the ingredients are here in the book but somehow there is something missing from this book. The story makes for a gentle ride on the teacups rather a rollercoaster of drama and adventure. Starshine Cove brings a little bit of magic but for me, this book doesn’t sparkle like the Comfort Food Café ones.

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