Crash – JG Ballard

“Perhaps the most distubing book you will ever read”

Well, there is another rather sick piece of fiction that I have read previously (The Fermata) but I think this one edges it.  JG Ballard’s Crash was a bizarre adventure into the world of car crash fetishism. Not only are the characters themselves described in great detail but also the cars, in particularly crashed ones, become the objects of desire.  Thankfully a short book which I ultimately approached with an “I’ve started so I’ll finish” mentality. Not one for me. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure what possessed me to order it from Amazon’s second hand book shop… Continue reading “Crash – JG Ballard”

The Lollipop Shoes – Joanne Harris

“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” Desiderius Erasmus

I can identify with this quote rather too well.  I can’t say that I’m on the breadline but I do tend to think about buying books, or indeed I go ahead and buy them, before I think about buying other things.

Which is how I have accumulated so many books, just waiting for me to dive in and explore them.  My reading pattern is certainly cyclical and I go through phases of devouring them and phases where my brain won’t settle and is too distracted to do much other than skim a magazine or scan the internet (often Pinterest or Facebook).  At the moment, I am happily riding a wave of book-reading fervour. Continue reading “The Lollipop Shoes – Joanne Harris”

The Plan

I’d love to take off for a year with all the books which are sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I have in excess of 100 books gathering dust, paper yellowing and covers fading. I’d love to find a place in the sun, by the sea and on the west coast of whichever patch of land I can find and I wouldn’t come back until I’ve read them all.

This Suitcase Full of Books plan is not the only thing that I want. The essence of it is that I want freedom. I don’t want to be tied to being anywhere or doing anything at any time. So although I’d like to spend a year reading all the books I’ve always wanted to read, I also want to do a whole load more things.

But for now, I’ll just start reading wherever and whenever I can and make a dent in that buckling shelf.